"He shall be welcome too./ Where is his Sonne,/ The nimble-footed Mad-Cap, Prince of Wales,/ And his Cumrades, that daft the World aside,/ And bid it passe?" Hotspur IV.1, Henry IV.1


At Madcap,

we believe that making classical text accessible while simultaneously nurturing the development of new works defines our theatrical community.

By providing a platform for the next generation of artists to develop and present new work in tandem with classic stories, our respect for the past can shed light on the world we live in today.

In a time of constant conflict, we hope to inspire our audiences and artists towards positive action through the live experience of empathy and acceptance.

Madcap Repertory Theatre aims to flip the script, and also the world, in order to change not only how we live our lives, but how we tell our stories.